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August 2015

Volume 1, Number 3

Newest page addition

Well Integrity
Common elements to all phases

There are various facets to well integrity, including accountability/responsibility, well operating processes, well service processes, tubing/annulus integrity, tree/wellhead integrity, and testing of safety systems.

Interconnecting information

SPE Web Events topics have been matched with topic pages in PetroWiki. Users now have added resources as they are doing research in PetroWiki. In addition, this spring, page champions were asked to help enhance content within PetroWiki by adding noteworthy papers from OnePetro to the appropriate pages in PetroWiki. The turnout was amazing; over the subsequent few months, more than 109 pages were enhanced with links to papers from OnePetro. The continuation of interconnecting existing resources like these and other valuable resources will enhance the reliability and convenience of this industry resource.

HSE topic pages

PetroWiki will be expanding to include HSE topics. Would you like to help create these new pages? Contact

Topics will include:

Health, safety, security, environment and social responsibility

Naturally occurring radioactive materials

HSSE and social responsibility management
Transportation safety

Human factors  (engineering and behavioral aspects)

Operational safety Safety in design and engineering
Safety risk management

Remediation and land reclamation

Waste management

Chemical use and storage
Sustainability or social responsibility
Climate change
Process safety
Facility vulnerability assessment
Security of operating facilities

Air emissions

Data and communications security
Environmental and social impact assessments

Integrating HSSE into the business

Water use, produced water discharge and disposal
Fundamental research in HSSE
Partnership and communication
Oil and chemical spills
HSSE reporting
Community outreach
HSSE management systems
Social responsibility and development
Sustainable development
Contingency planning and emergency response
Noise, chemicals, and other workplace hazards
HSSE audit and certification
Health impact assessment
Human resources, competence and training
HSSE standards, regulations and codes
Strategic health management
Exposure assessment
Industrial hygiene
Community health outreach
Infectious diseases (HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis)

2014 Outstanding student chapters

The SPE Board has approved the implementation of a student trial period that will offer the 2014 outstanding student chapters the opportunity to enhance PetroWiki. Up until this decision, only SPE professional members were allowed to edit. This privilege is only being offered to 3,000 students internationally. These select students have received their full permissions and have begun to add valuable content to PetroWiki.

Opportunities (Champions)

As new topic pages are created within PetroWiki, the need for additional page champions will be ongoing. See the full list of opportunities. Contact to sign up as a page champion for one of these pages or offer assistance in another area of interest. Remember: You can contribute to any topic page, whether or not you have signed up for it.

Power up your generation

PetroWiki’s purpose is, like SPE’s, to:

Collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources, and related technologies for the public benefit.

We invite SPE members to become involved in PetroWiki. You can become involved by editing the content within existing topic pages or adding new topics. Feel free to email us at with feedback or assistance. (See our edit rights page for more information on obtaining edit permissions.)

For further information on what is needed from contributors, please read the pages at Contribute what you know is right, Power up your generation and Creating quality topic pages.

New and short pages

Below, you can find current lists of new and short pages that need further content added and accuracy checked by experts.The following topic pages need help from topic experts. These pages might simply need to be edited for accuracy, expanded upon, or have content added because the page is empty or is not representing the full scope of the subject.

New pages

Short pages

Approve or reject

Generally, new pages are created prior to matching the page with a subject page champion. These newly created pages need subject experts to help verify that the content is of a professional standard. We need page champions and other topic experts to take a moment to look over the most recent list of newly created topic pages and verify that the content is correct. A complete listing of pages and instructions are included at: New topic page list

Content guide and worksheet

A new guide has been developed to help with the process of creating quality topic pages. With this guide, and the accompanying worksheet, at your fingertips, creating a topic page has just become that much easier, not to mention quicker. To get the worksheet in a Word document, send an email to requesting the “PetroWiki Content Guide Worksheet.”

Contribute Your Expertise

Have you looked through areas of interest and found that information is missing, incomplete, or worse, out of date? Do you have content or a topic you want added? Check out these tips:

  1. Add the content (new, additional, or updated) for yourself.
  2. Write up the information in an email or document and send it to to have the topic page added on your behalf.
  3. Invite others to contribute what they know and refer them to tips 1 and 2 above.


Thank you for your continued efforts within PetroWiki. Each of you has voluntarily contributed his or her experience. Every contribution, small or large, assures the success of PetroWiki in providing reliable resources. PetroWiki could not exist without you! See the full list of page champions.

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Visitors 2015 – 3,151,319

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Page edits to date: 8,886

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April 2015 - Volume 1, Number 2

January 2015 - Volume 1, Number 1

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