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AI language guidelines

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As Ai language tools evolve (such as ChatGPT) evolve and become ever present in the generation of content, best practices and ethics of usage are still developing. AI language tools can provide source materials as a starting point for a PetroWiki page or even provide editing assistance. If you elect to use AI tools for developing a PetroWiki page, the following tips should be considered.



Use relevant prompts. The quality of AI language tools content will rely heavily on the prompts given. When creating prompts for AI language tools to use in PetroWiki, make sure they are descriptive and include keywords like “encyclopedic”, “accurate”, “professional” and/or “PHD level writing style” to minimize the chances of AI language tools utilizing original/copyrighted content. Multiple successive prompts can help AI language tools center in on the correct information.


Use discretion. AI language tools are a great way to generate content, but it is important to scrutinize what they have provided to you to determine if it is appropriate, accurate, grammatically correct and within the context of the subject. Do additional research to supplement the AI-generated content (ChatGPT and other AI language tools do not use OnePetro data in their content generation).

Fact check

Check your facts. Any AI generated content that is utilized within a PetroWiki article should be thoroughly fact checked and reviewed for any bias. Ask the AI language tool for its source(s), if they are not provided, and verify the source(s) are real and credible for use by our peers, young professionals and students. It is not uncommon for AI language tools to provide false information from sources that do not exist.


Disclose your use of AI language tools. Any PetroWiki pages that are created with the assistance of AI language tools must include a disclosure of what AI language tools and prompts were utilized. This should be done in a statement at the end of the article and added as a reference with the prompt included.

For example: ChatGPT. 2023. Upstream oil. (Accessed 5 May 2023). This material was audited by the author, as an SPE member, at the time of posting, but may have subsequently been edited by other members.

Please note: SPE reserves the right to run all PetroWiki content through AI language checking software.