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Facility operability

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Facility operability is the ability of an organization to operate a facility in a safe and efficient manner. The ultimate goal of facility operability is to design and construct a facility that will remain safe, efficient and cost effective throughout its lifetime use.

Need for facility operability

The majority of oil and gas facilities are built and operated successfully, but issues can arise during the design phase and those issues can eventually lead to costly or even detrimental incidents.[1] Proper planning and preparation can enable an organization to adhere to guidelines of licensing organizations and insurance companies.

HAZOP studies

Hazard operations (HAZOP) studies assess the effectiveness of facility operability plans, to identify potential or existing hazards and to evaluate the potential effectiveness of planned changes to a facility.[2]Elements assessed by a HAZOP study include noise levels produced by an operation, wastewater parameters, air emission parameters, factors affecting the well-being and productivity of workers, and several other issues falling under the health, safety and environment (HSE) umbrella. Results of a HAZOP study are compared to industry, government, and insurance standards to ensure that proper plans are in place and that rules and regularions are being followed.

Production and facility operations

Production operations is the department charged with the sustainable business performance of an asset, while facility operations is the department that has custody of and controls the facility.[3] Facility operations is responsible for starting up and shutting down systems and equipment, issuing and rescinding work permits, monitoring and correcting facility operating parameters, enforcing SIMOPS, performing energy isolations, maintaining drawings and set point registers, and controlling all activities on the facility premises.

Facility maintenance

Facility maintenance is the department in charge of restoring facility equipment back to operational standards and in other cases replacing failed facility equipment.

Facility logistics

Facility EHS

Foundation concepts


Key success factors


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