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Thank you for taking time to read more about the invite you received:

PetroWiki invites you to contribute your company’s expertise to our knowledge base. PetroWiki is a fully moderated, free resource provided by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). It is available internationally to the general public and focused on the upstream oil and gas community.

We realize that professionals in your field are an invaluable resource and we would like to utilize your expertise. If someone on your staff has the skills and desire, they can add content directly to PetroWiki[1] . Additionally, you can submit the content to us and we will add it for you verbatim. Should you upload any images, or have us upload them for you[2] , you will retain the copyright to those images and receive full credit on PetroWiki.

The content we are looking for is clear, concise and verifiable by at least one source. You may use references such as your own articles, textbooks and any other technical publications that you see fit. Please see our page on creating quality topic pages for more detailed information.

But what’s in it for you? PetroWiki’s traffic surpassed 6 million pageviews in 2014[3] . You can provide information about your company and products along with that expertise. While you are encouraged to reference company websites or papers written by company employees please do not advertise services, logos, or contact information. You may include information about a product and a product serial number, but please do not include a catalog number. PetroWiki has a strict policy covering content advertisements. For more information on paid advertising, please visit our advertising page.

With your help, we can expand a resource that gives students, academics, and fellow professionals access to current information about the ever-growing oil and gas industry.

Best Regards,

PetroWiki Staff


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Hours: 0730 to 1600 CST (GMT–5), Mon-Fri
Tel. +1.972.952.1179
Tel. +1.800.456.6863 (Toll-free in the US and Canada)

Here are a few companies that have created pages:

Solar EOR -

Sour gas -


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