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Help:Create new page

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Create a new page

Creating a new page is easy. What is important is to first evaluate whether a similar page appropriate for your content or another page with the same name already exists. ""Example:"" You want to start a page on Oil and Gas facilities; it is recommended that before a new page is created a search should be made on topics covering every form of Oil and Gas facilities:

  • Oil facility
  • Gas facility
  • Oil & gas facilities

1. Do a search on the topic you think is missing and review the results to determine whether the topic already exists under another name.
Search box

2. Decide on a name for the new page (keep it descriptive of the content so it can be found) See Help:Page_names

Create new page vs. Creating a new page so everyone knows how to do it properly

3. Search for the name of your proposed page using the search box in the header

4. If pages were returned as a result of your search, please be sure you have checked them to see if the content you want to contribute belongs on one of them

No result for Pipeline but another topic may be what is needed.

5. If not, to create the new page, click the link that says Create the page [name] on this wiki!

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A new page will be created. It will include certain standard headers appropriate for most pages on PetroWiki. You can begin entering your content immediately.

If your search discovers that a page already exists on PetroWiki with the name you selected, consider whether your content belongs there, or whether a title change to differentiate them is appropriate. If you believe that there is a good reason for both pages to have the same name, please notify SPE staff at petrowiki(at) and we will investigate the issue for you.

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