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PetroWiki:Frequently asked questions

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This page lists some of the most common questions about content and use of PetroWiki. If this FAQ doesn't answer your question, please use the search.

Can I copy and paste text from a document

Yes, text can be pasted into PetroWiki but all formatting will be removed. Once the text is pasted the formatting can be added back into the topic page.

Can I paste images

No, all images must be uploaded using the "Upload wizard".

Where does the information in PetroWiki come from?

The content pages that begin with PEH: are directly from the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ (SPE) Petroleum Engineering Handbook (PEH) as published in 2006-2007. Initial content from other pages was derived from the PEH, but adapted for the wiki format. That initial content has been modified and expanded by SPE members and others from within the oil and gas industry. At least two SPE members with expertise in that technical area review each contribution before it is “approved.” As a result, the text you see on most pages is the result of contributions from multiple authors.

What type of information will I find in PetroWiki?

PetroWiki focuses on technical information for professionals working in the oil and gas exploration and production industry. Like the PEH, it is primarily information explaining various processes or approaches and when they may be appropriate or an explanation of how to do something. Page content should be non-commercial; while companies and specific products may be mentioned, the use of these companies or products should not be promoted. Report pages you believe are overly commercial or inappropriate

How can I edit PetroWiki?

SPE professional members who login (using their SPE login) will be able to edit content in PetroWiki. Student members of SPE do not automatically have edit permission. Graduate students can request permission to edit. Industry professionals who are not members of SPE can also request permission to edit. Individuals not part of the oil and gas exploration and production industry will not be granted edit permission. Having an SPE login does not automatically convey edit permissions.

How do I create a new page?

To create a new page, first search for the topic you want to add. Please review the results to see if the content you want to contribute belongs on one of the existing related pages. If not, think of the title for your new page, then search on that title. [Use titles that are descriptive of the content.] Then click the link that asks if you would like to create the page. This will create a page with the title you searched. It will have several default headers and text blocks for you to remove or modify as appropriate for your content. If you have difficulty, we've also created a form to request a new page.

My contributions were deleted. What happens now?

It is always likely that some changes to contributed material will be made by the moderator. If suggested edits or additions are deleted in their entirety, you can reach out to SPE staff at

Does PetroWiki describe best practices?

The term “best practice” means different things to different people and therefore is best avoided. Contributors to PetroWiki are often describing a practice that has worked well for them or that is in common use or has been proven under certain conditions. But with the highly variable nature of geologic formations, hydrocarbons themselves, and the operating conditions of a well or field, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all “best” practice. Information in PetroWiki should not be construed as defining universal solutions. Sound engineering judgment should always be applied in determining what practices are appropriate for recovering oil or gas in a particular situation.