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Help:Page names

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Page names are important because they serve as part of the URL to the page, and they communicate to the reader what they may find on that page. So they shouldn't be too long (URL) or too short (unclear).


  • Use “sentence case” for page names. The initial character is capitalized with the remainder lowercase except for abbreviations (such as EOR or UBD).
  • Never use the ampersand (&) in a page name. Spell out "and." The ampersand character has special meaning in URLs, so they can never appear in page names.


Within the exploration and production industry, a lot of terms have different meaning depending on what portion of the business you are operating in. It is useful for page names to indicate to the reader which aspect is meant. When naming pages aim for clarity. For example:

Sand control seems clear. But how a completions engineer addresses sand control may differ from what a production engineer needs to do to address sand control. Putting both on a single page could be confusing. Therefore, having two pages such as: Sand control for completions and Sand control in producing wells will be clearer to the reader who is looking for information specific to one of those areas. Both would show up in a search for “sand control” and the reader can then easily select which aspect is of concern to him/her. It is likely appropriate for one page to reference the other.

Pages with same name

If you want to create a new page, but discover there is already a page with that name, please do the following:

  • Evaluate whether the content you want to contribute belongs on that page
  • Consider whether a slightly different name would still be descriptive of the content you plan to contribute (don't forget to search for that name too)
  • If you believe that the existing page is not named correctly, please contact petrowiki(at) explaining your rationale so that our moderators can determine whether the existing page should be renamed or suggest an alternate name for your proposed page.