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Help:Moving a page

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Moving (renaming) a page means giving it another name. Only SPE staff have the rights to "move" pages.

If you are not a champion and you believe that a page needs to be renamed, you can use the online form for requesting a new page. Please provide both the existing page name and how you believe it should be renamed. Please also explain why you believe the name change is appropriate.

Renaming a page

Renaming a page is done by using the "move" link at left. You must be logged in to see the link. Click the link, then simply enter the new name and click "Move page".

If you move page "A" to a new title "B", this operation will do the following:

  • Renames the title of page "A" as "B"
  • Renames all the editing history of page "A" as of page "B" as well
  • Creates a new page "A", whose content is a redirect to page "B"

The second point is important. By using the "Move" feature, you also move the editing history, which allows other members to see the changes that have been made to the page over time. The editing history allows people to see how the contents of the page were built up, and who contributed what. If you move contents around by copying and pasting (not using the move feature), you do not achieve this.

Because the move operation leaves behind a redirect (see Help:Redirects), it should not result in any broken links, however you might want to hunt down pages or other redirects which link in to the redirect, and change their text to link directly to the new title. The "What links here" feature, which can be used through the link in the Toolbox (at bottom of the sidebar on the left) is useful when doing this. [It is easiest to check "What links here" before renaming the page.]

Undo a move

As with all wiki editing, a move operation can be reversed (by any user). To reverse a move operation, simply move the page back, e.g. move page "B" back to "A".

The page title "B" will still be left behind, as a redirect from "B" to "A". Any user can remove the redirect and propose that the page be deleted. However the final deletion will require SPE action (see Help:Deleting a page).