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PetroWiki user since 8 April 2014

ru Русский — родной язык этого участника
ru-5 Этот участник профессионально владеет русским языком
en-5 This user has professional knowledge of English

Time zone: UTC+3 (Moscow, Russia)

This user creates 5% (17 out of 334) content pages on PetroWiki:
1. ISO technical committee 67
2. Burton process
3. Shukhov cracking process
4. Thermal cracking process in oil refining
5. Data analytics
6. Artificial intelligence
7. List of inventors
8. Measurement while fracturing (MWF)
10. Michael J. Economides
11. Reservoir Stimulation (book)
12. AIME
13. List of Petroleum History Museums
14. François Conrad Schlumberger
15. Henri-Georges Doll
16. SPE Russia and Caspian Region
17. Articles for improvement‎