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Stubs are essentially placeholder pages that lack content. They may have a few sentences of content, or be simply a page template with only a title. Prior to launch of PetroWiki, stub pages were created for a number of topics not covered in the PEH for which content would be a valuable addition to the wiki. Stub pages generally include the following notice:

This page is a Stub. Please consider adding content to it. Created: date of creation Help with adding content

Adding content to a stub

If you encounter a stub that falls into your area of expertise, please consider adding content to it so others can benefit from your experience. You will need to be an SPE professional member or have been granted edit rights. Think about what you think is important to communicate on this topic, and consider drafting the text offline (in Word or a text tool). When you are ready, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to PetroWiki
  2. Search for the stub page by name or topic
  3. Go to the stub page
  4. Select the Edit tab at right in the header
  5. You will see Template:Stub and date= inside double braces at the top of the page. This creates the Stub box like the above. Leave this on the page. The moderators will remove it when they review your additions.
  6. Below that is an example header and text. Replace these with the text you've written, creating headers as appropriate. See Help:Editing a page for more information on how to add and edit text.
  7. On the lower portion of the page are some headers that exist on most content pages in the wiki. Please complete these with appropriate references and links to support the text you are adding. See Help:Formatting references for information on creating and formatting references in the text and links to papers and books.

Creating new stubs

If you encounter a topic that you believe needs to be covered, but you lack the expertise to create a new page for it, you can suggest that a stub be created. Be certain to search and make certain that the information isn't on a page with a different name first. Then, use the form to request a stub.