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Help:Glossary links

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Linking to the glossary is very important in interconnecting PetroWiki.

Example: The glossary term Aggregate:


Aggregate term no link

Adding a link from the glossary term Glossary:Aggregate to the word aggregate.

It will look like this [[Glossary:Aggregate|aggregate]] when editing. Now the term aggregate is linked to the glossary term Aggregate.

Aggregate term with link

Alternative spellings

  • Capital[[Glossary:Aggregate|Aggregate]]
  • Plural[[Glossary:Aggregate|aggregates]]
  • Verb[[Glossary:Aggregate|aggregated]]


Page champions

When you see these type of things popping up in your moderation task list can you:

  1. Approve the tasks quickly.
  2. Look at the glossary term and verify it is complete and accurate. Search using Glossary:Term (where term is the word(s) you want)
  3. Email petrowiki(at) additional term clarifications.