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Help:Champion task page

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View a slideshow tutorial on the Champion task page at Slideshare slideshow

How to

  • Log in to PetroWiki
  • The log in link is located on every PetroWiki page.

Log in

  • Select the Moderation link to open the Moderation task page. Located on the left hand side of every page.
Moderation Link

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  • Select the moderation link to access your tasks page.

  • No moderation tasks.

No moderation tasks

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  • Moderation tasks.

Moderation tasks

Active Moderated Pages

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  • Idle Moderated Pages: These need to be reviewed by the other champion.

Idle Moderated Pages

  • Champion Actions: Who did what and when.

Champion Actions

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  • Start a discussion at anytime with other champions.

Champion discussion

  • Tasks completed enjoy your day!

Tasks completed

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