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Help:Champion discussion

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Discussions over specific topics may need to take place from time to time. PetroWiki offers champions a convenient place for asynchronous communication through the moderation task page. Starting or joining a discussion is easy when you follow a few short steps.

Edit requirements

Discussions can only be started if a page has been edited by someone. If a page has not been edited but champions would like to discuss a page then a simple edit can be generated on the topic page in order to create a discussion link.

Minor edit

Everyone is required to complete the acknowledgements section when making edits to a PetroWiki page. An edit can be deemed minor i.e. spelling or grammar and bypass the moderation process and be sent to SPE staff for non-specialized approval. It is important not to use the "Minor edit' selection when creating a simple edit for the purpose of creating a discussion forum.

Minor edit

Who can contribute

Only the champions assigned to the topic page can contribute to the discussion.

Daily email alerts

Task alerts

When an edit is made to start a discussion a daily email alert of pending moderation tasks will still be generated until the edit is resolved as accepted or rejected.

Discussion alerts

Alerts are not generated on the discussion forum. Champions will need to log in and check the discussion area for responses.

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How to start a discussion

Step one

Step two

  • Click on the link that reads Start discussion.

Start discussion

Step three

  • Click the 'Start a new discussion link. See image below.

Start a new discussion

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  • Add a subject.
  • Highlighted for emphasis (yellow - original post)

Add a subject

  • Add your comments or questions.

Add your comments or questions

  • Save your new discussion.

Save your new discussion

When you save your discussion it creates a new discussion forum for collaboration with other champions.

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How to join a discussion

Step one

Step two

  • Click on the link that reads Join discussion.

Join discussion

Step three

  • Read the comment(s) left by other champion(s)
  • Click Reply when you are ready to respond.
  • Highlighted for emphasis (yellow - original post) (blue - response post)


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  • Add your responses or suggestions.

Add your responses or suggestions

  • Save your responses.

Save your responses

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