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Help:Champion contributions

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Champions are working individually and within their assigned moderating groups to formulate a plan of action with regard to their assigned PetroWiki topic pages.

Working individually

If you are working individually on PetroWiki pages you may still need to communicate with others about your pending edits especially if you are not the only champion assigned to a PetroWiki topic. This becomes important when:

  • You are relying on others to accept your edits quickly.
  • If you are coordinating efforts to join content.

Working within a group

Group communication takes a little effort, but the reward of enhanced PetroWiki content is well worth it.

  • Assigning a leader may be a good option


The web-based meeting platforms mentioned above are only suggestions. Feel free to explore other options.


Decide how much of the content is usable. Plan a head before the first edit.

Ask these questions:

  • What needs to be removed because it is no longer relevant or out-of-date etc?
  • What will immediately replace the deleted content?
  • Should an outline be used as a starting place?
  • Once removed how long until the content is replaced?
  • Who should edit the content?
  • What if someone outside the champion or group edits the content before it is finished?
  • Can things just be moved around?
  • Are there possible links with other PetroWiki pages?
  • Are there any OnePetro articles suitable for the PetroWiki page?
  • What about any orphaned references located at the bottom of the page?