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Glossary:4D seismic

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Time lapse
3D seismic repeated over time. Can show the change in a reservoir over time.

Noteworthy papers in OnePetro

Gosselin, O., Aanonsen, S.I., Aavatsmark, I. et al. History Matching Using Time-lapse Seismic (HUTS). Presented at the 2003/1/1/.

Lumley, D.E., Behrens, R.A. and Wang, Z. 1997. Assessing the Technical Risk of a 4D Seismic Project. The Leading Edge 16 (9): 1287. - OnePetro

McDonald, J. A., & Tatalovic, R. (1986, January 1). Modeling 4D Seismology. Society of Petroleum Engineers.

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