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Well integrity onshore

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There are different definitions of what is Well Integrity. The most widely accepted definition is given by NORSOK D-010: “Application of technical, operational and organizational solutions to reduce risk of uncontrolled release of formation fluids throughout the life cycle of a well.”[1]

Other accepted definition is given by ISO TS 16530-2 “Containment and the prevention of the escape of fluids (i.e. liquids or gases) to subterranean formations or surface.”

Well Integrity is a multidisciplinary approach. Therefore, well integrity engineers need to interact constantly with different disciplines to assess the status of well barriers and well barrier envelopes at all times.

Land wells or onshore wells

Well integrity on land wells is less stringently regulated, although standards and regulators are continually being updated. The main integrity risk with land wells is around loss off containment in urban areas or facility, or to fresh potable aquifers as both may have huge consequences. These risks need to be managed effectively from a well integrity perspective. In addition, shutdown systems that have the function to protect the specification break between well and process, i.e. flowline protection are fitted on the well and are part of the overall operating envelope and need to have assurance task to confirm their function and reliability. These functions include emergency shutdown valves, high pressure/low pressure, pump shutdown, gas lift shut, relief valves down or other means to protect the spec break and stop undesired flow.

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Collision risk of trucks or cranes or nearby movement of concurrent operations has additional risk, as many onshore wells are completed without a subsurface safety valve. These activities may have to be managed. Use of additional external barriers like Jersey barriers that would prevent collision may be a suitable control or wells should be made safe during critical activities.

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Online multimedia

Hopmans, Paul. 2013. Journey of Well Integrity.

Dethlefs, Jerry. Near Surface External Casing Corrosion; Cause, Remediation and Mitigation.

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