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These nonstandard PCP systems includes a number of different downhole drive systems that inherently eliminate tubing wear problems and reduce fluid flow losses. Rod-insert PC pump designs are available that preclude the need to pull the tubing string for pump replacement. Charge pumps and fluidizer pumps are currently being used to increase the gas- and solids-handling capabilities of PCP systems. The following sections provide a brief description of the rationale for developing each hybrid system and a description of the basic operating principles of the product where applicable.

The use of PC pumps driven by conventional electric submersible pump (ESP) motors was first attempted by a Canadian operator in a heavy oil well in 1966, unfortunately with little success, and then to a much greater extent by Russian operators in the 1970s. However, only within the last decade have these downhole drive (DHD) PCP systems been more fully developed and successfully deployed on a commercial basis.[1] Several major ESP vendors now market motors, gear boxes, and other equipment for DHD PCP systems. As a result, these systems have begun to see wider use. The entire surface unit drive system and rod string required in a conventional PCP system are replaced with a DHD unit that typically consists of:

  • An ESP motor (either a 2- or 4-pole design that has synchronous speeds of 3,600 and 1,800 rpm, respectively)
  • A gearbox and flex-shaft assembly
  • A pump intake unit. Fig. 1 shows a schematic of a generic DHD system


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