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Sandbox:Timed connections

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A "timed connection or "oriented collar" is where when it is made up it stops at a known point such that you can keep certain components in line that have guide rails or grooves for control lines to stay parallel to the tubing without having them spiral or wrap around the tubing if the components are out of line. The term “barrette” in reference to barrette gauges or barrette marks to torque up connections to a specific spot that achieve the proper torque as well as a specific alignment is also used.


Oriented couplings are manufactured to a specific degree between the mill side and the field end. Normally you would have a set of couplings in 30 degree increments. When you get to the specific component that needs to be aligned it is calculated where the grove or guide will end up. If it is not in the correct position to propper degree of coupling is determined that would put it in the alingnment it needs to be in. The old coupling would be backed off on the joint in the rotary and make up the correct degree coupling. The aligned equipment would be made up and continue running pipe.


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