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Safety considerations during production logging

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The following safety and environmental tips should be considered on every production logging job:

  1. All wireline units should be equipped with at least one 30-lbm dry chemical fire extinguisher.
  2. Engines should be equipped with emergency shutoff devices on air intake (butterfly valve) and with spark-arrester-type mufflers.
  3. Drip pans should be installed under all engines, pumps, oil reservoirs, and reels of skid-mounted units. Drip pans should be provided for trucks on barges.
  4. Oil from the lubricator control head and oil from the line should not be permitted to drip into canals and streams.
  5. Pieces of cut-off wireline or cable should be carried off by the wireline crew for disposal.
  6. Bleeding of gas and oil into metal buckets should not be done. Use of a plastic bucket rather than a metal one will minimize the danger of a static-electricity spark.
  7. Truck-mounted units should not be positioned over tall grass in such a way that mufflers or power-generator engines could ignite the grass.

When a potential risk is identified, the purchaser of the logging should make all required operational changes. Because service companies perform most of the production logging, it is also the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that a system is in place for:

  • Contractor selection and evaluation
  • Defining, communicating, and stewarding performance requirements
  • Managing interfaces between the purchaser and the contractor
  • Monitoring performance and correcting deficiencies

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