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PetroWiki:Commercial content

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PetroWiki aims to provide readers with sound technical content in a non-commercial manner. This is the same philosophy that SPE requests of authors of papers presented at our conferences. While there may be some gray areas, it is typically pretty straightforward to distinguish commercial versus non-commercial content.

Commercial Non-commercial
Repeated use of trade names, company names One or two references to a trade name, with a more generic reference to the product in the rest of the article. Limits use of company names to where it is required for clarity after the first reference.
Use of superlatives such as “the best,” “the only,” "new and improved," to describe the trade-named product or company Reasonable description of pros and cons or of limitations in the application of a product
Focus on a single product only when similar products are available from other companies Uses generic terms only instead of trade names or provides a list of all (or at least the most common) providers of that product
Pages devoted to a specific trade named product Pages that describe a product application with pros and cons or limitations along with a list of the major suppliers of the product
Promotes the use of a specific product or company Presents a level playing field, providing information about competing products or companies, or discusses products in generic terms only

There may be exceptions to the above, such as a comparison of commercial modeling packages that requires the repeated use of the product names in order to clarify which product is being discussed.

Moderators will be watching for commercial content, and may modify or delete such content. Authors who repeatedly submit overtly commercial content may have their edit rights revoked.

If readers see content they believe is overly commercial, they can report commercial or inappropriate content to