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Citation of PetroWiki should reflect the fact that each page is the result of the combined contributions of all authors and page champions who participated in its development. No content should be attributed to any individual author.

Getting a permanent link

If you are making a formal citation to content in a research paper or document, there is a Permanent Link in the left navigation under Toolbox that you can use to get a URL that will always take the reader to the specific page as it looked when you generated the link.

Permanent link

When you click that link in the navigation, the URL in your browser will change. You can copy and paste this as the URL to the page in your citation.

Citation in SPE style

Following SPE’s Style Guide, a citation to PetroWiki should be formatted as follows:

PetroWiki. Year. Page name. Permanent link URL (accessed date)

For example:

PetroWiki. 2012. Cement composition and classification. (accessed 27 September 2012)

Should you cite PetroWiki?

Students may want to consult their professors about whether the professor finds PetroWiki to be an acceptable source material. While moderation of PetroWiki content provides credibility, they may prefer that you read some of the referenced documents and papers in OnePetro and cite those instead.