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Nomenclature for SI metric conversion tables

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Unit Symbol Name Quantity Type of Unit
A ampere electric current base SI unit
a annum (year) time allowable (not official SI) unit
Bq becquerel activity (of radionuclides) derived SI unit=1/s
bar bar pressure allowable (not official SI) unit,=103 Pa
C coulomb quantity of electricity derived SI unit,=1 A•s
cd candela luminous intensity base SI unit
°C degree Celsius temperature derived SI unit=1.0 K
° degree plane angle allowable (not official SI) unit
d day time allowable (not official SI) unit,=24 hours
F farad electric capacitance derived SI unit,=1 A•s/V
Gy gray absorbed dose derived SI unit,=J/kg
g gram mass allowable (not official SI) unit,=10−3 kg
H henry inductance derived SI unit,=1 V•s/A
h hour time allowable (not official SI) unit,=3.6×103s
Hz hertz frequency derived SI unit,=1 cycle/s
ha hectare area allowable (not official SI) unit,=104 m2
J joule work, energy derived SI unit,=1 N•m
K kelvin temperature base SI unit
kg kilogram mass base SI unit
kn knot velocity allowable (not official SI) unit,

=5.144 444×10−1m/s

=1.852 km/h
L liter volume allowable (not official SI) unit,=1 dm3
lm lumen luminous flux derived SI unit,=1 cd•sr
lx lux illuminance derived SI unit,=1 lm/m2
m meter length base SI unit
min minute time allowable (not official SI) unit
minute plane angle allowable cartography (not official SI) unit
N newton force derived SI unit,=1 kg•m/s2
naut. mile U.S. nautical mile length allowable (not official SI) unit,=1.852×103m
Ω ohm electric resistance derived SI unit,=1 V/A
Pa pascal pressure derived SI unit,=1 N/m2
rad radian plane angle supplementary SI unit
S siemens electrical conductance derived SI unit,=1 A/V
s second time base SI unit
’’ second plane angle allowable cartography (not official SI) unit
sr steradian solid angle supplementary SI unit
T tesla magnetic flux density derived SI unit,=1 Wb/m2
t tonne mass allowable (not official SI) unit,=103kg=1 Mg
V volt electric potential derived SI unit,=1 W/A
W watt power derived SI unit,=1 J/s
Wb weber magnetic flux derived SI unit,=1 V•s

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