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Intelligent completions

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The content of these pages was developed as the output from an Integrated Workshop Series on Intelligent Wells which took place from July 2010 through September 2012. The goal of the series was to gather a breadth of experience, and share knowledge from a range of areas around the globe, to make this available to all global participants. The series was comprised of six events held over two years.


There is no consensus on the definition of an “intelligent well completion (IWC).” An intelligent well completion enables the operator to remotely monitor and control well inflow or injection downhole, at the reservoir, with no physical intervention to permit optimization of well production and reservoir management processes. The content of this site will contain the following pages:

  • Business Case for IWC
  • Equipment and Software
  • Deployment and Implementation
  • Applications and Usage
  • Future Challenges
  • Case Studies


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