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Help:Student contributions

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SPE's 2014 Awarding Winning Chapters have been given the opportunity to become the first set of students offered the opportunity to contribute to PetroWiki. This page offers help, suggestions, and recognition for this select group of students. Remember: This is a trail and your success could allow other students the opportunity to edit PetroWiki in the future.

Students are an invaluable resource

We realize that students like you are an invaluable resource and we would like to utilize your insight and initiative. But what’s in it for you? You will be able to boost your reputation and that of your chapter and institution. With your help, we can expand a resource that gives fellow students, academics, and professionals access to current information about the ever-growing oil and gas industry.

Different ways to contribute

If you have the desire, you can add content directly to PetroWiki. Additionally, you can submit the content to us and we will add it for you.

Images, graphs, or designs

Should you upload any images, graphs, or designs, or have us upload them for you[1], we will need verification of copyright or permission if these are not your own work.


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The content we are looking for is clear, concise, and verifiable by at least one source. You may use references such as your own articles, textbooks and any other technical publications that you see fit. Please see our page on creating quality topic pages for more detailed information.

Contact us

We would like to hear from you! Give us feedback on:

  • How you contributed.
  • What you found to be beneficial.
  • What was your challenges and how you got past them.
  • What we can do better.

PetroWiki Staff: petrowiki(at)

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Suggested contributions below

Adopt pages
Find your favorite PetroWiki pages:
  • Proof the content
  • Update the content
  • Explore possible additions
Academic projects
Work on PetroWiki together or as part of an assignment:
  • Group topic project
  • Individual topic projects
Internal linking
Internal linking is necessary to enhance and connect content.
Connections can include:
  • Interlinking topic pages with other topic pages.
Guides for internal linking
  • Guide to creating links can be found here.
  • Guide to editing a page can be found here.
  • Guide to minor edits can be found here. Internal linking is considered a minor edit.
Linking Example
Thermodynamic models for wax precipitation
Understanding the mechanisms and potential for wax precipitation are key factors in preventing production problems as a result of wax. Wax precipitation has a strong dependence on temperature and weak dependence on pressure. This page presents a general form of the thermodynamic relation used to define the K values for solid and liquid phases in equilibrium, and the effect of different simplifying assumptions and thermodynamic descriptions of the phases involved on the model results are examined.
This page introduction has two links to other pages. All topic pages are in sentence case not title case.
When in the edit mode of the PetroWiki the internal links look like this:
  • [[Wax precipitation]]
  • [[Thermodynamics and phase behavior|thermodynamic relation]]

External linking
External linking can include:
When in the edit mode of the PetroWiki the external links look like this:
  • [ OnePetro]
  • []

Formatting citations

SPE has a style guide that covers preferred citation formats. See Help:Reference_and_paper_link_format for more information and useful examples from the style guide. For more details...

While it is great if references to items on a page or links to papers in OnePetro follow this format, we don't want style to get in the way of people adding valuable citations and links into wiki pages. If you don't have all of the information specified in SPE's reference style, just try to include enough information that someone else could find the document you are referencing.

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