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Help:RichText editor - Undo and redo

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The Undo and Redo functions of PetroWiki makes text editing easier by remembering the actions performed in the editor window and making it possible to revert them as needed.

Editor toolbar - Undo/Redo


The Undo feature is a quick way to cancel the recently introduced change and restore the document to its previous state.

This is especially useful when the last performed operation was particularly destructive to the document, like in a situation when you select all of its content and accidentally delete it.

In order to revert the last action, activate the Undo command in two ways:

Press the Undo button on the toolbar.
Press the Ctrl+Z combination on your keyboard.
Since PetroWiki by default supports 20 undo levels, you can usually go back as many steps as required.


The Redo feature lets you revert the last undo operation. This means that the document returns to the state it was in before you performed the undo.

In order to revert the last undo operation, activate the Redo command in two ways:

Press the Redo button on the toolbar.
Press the Ctrl+Y combination on your keyboard.
Just like with undo, many redo levels are supported, so you can usually go forward as many steps as required.

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