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Help:RichText editor - Links, Covert text to link, and Unlink

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The Link feature of PetroWiki is a powerful option that lets you add clickable hyperlinks to your documents as well as control the way they look and work.

ETB Link 000.PNG

To insert a link to you document, press the ETB Link 002.PNG Link button on the toolbar or use the Ctrl+L keyboard shortcut. If you want the link to be assigned to a text fragment, select it first. If no text is selected, the link URL will appear in the document as-is.

The Link dialog window that will open lets you choose the link type and configuration options pertaining to your choice.

Define the link target

Although the popup window states "wiki page" this can actually be an internal page or an external URL.

Define link

Internal page link would look exactly like the title of a PetroWiki topic page: Help:RichText editor - Edit toolbar 

External URL would look exactly like its full URL. The web address of any resource available in the Internet, like a website, a PDF document, or an image. 

Convert text to link

When in line text is selected the Convert text to link button Convert text to link becomes activated. This works well if you are adding a single word that matches specific pages within PetroWiki.


Facility operability is an existing PetroWiki topic page. Which means I can use the Convert text to link easily and not worry about locating the title to create a new internal link. 

Here is my phrase: Facility operability is the ability of an organization to operate a facility in a safe and efficient manner.  

When I select Facility operability and use the Convert text to link button it automatically generates a link to the internal PetroWiki topic page.

*Unfortunately the results are not desirable:

  • The first result in selecting both words creates an underline between the two words but the internal link is correct (Shown in blue):  Facility_operability is the ability of an organization to operate a facility in a safe and efficient manner.
  • The second result selecting only the word Facility creates a dead link (shown in red)Facility operability is the ability of an organization to operate a facility in a safe and efficient manner.

*PetroWiki staff suggest not using this tool for topic pages consisting of more than one word.

Removing a Link

Removing a link is just as easy as adding it. When the cursor is placed in a link, the ETB Link 004.PNG Unlink button on the toolbar becomes active. Pressing the button removes the link and leaves plain text. Alternatively you can also open the element's context menu by pressing the right mouse button or using the Menu/Application key on your keyboard, and choose the Unlink command.

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