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Help:RichText editor - Images

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PetroWiki allows you to add images to your documents in an easy and intuitive way.

Editor toolbar

In order to insert an image, simply press the Image button Image button on the toolbar. The image properties dialog window that will open lets you set configuration options that define image source, its size, and display properties.

Note: Your image must have been previously uploading into PetroWiki. See also Uploading images (below).

Image properties

The Image Properties dialog window includes the following image options:

  • Image file name
  • Caption
  • Link (includes disable link)
  • Special type (border, frame, frameless, and thumbnail)
  • Alignment (none, left, center, or right)
  • Alignment (vert)
  • Resize to fit (upright)
  • Width
  • Height

Uploading Images

Steps to upload

  • Open the file location for the image to be used.
  • Find the image that will be inserted.
  • Drag the image into the box over the toolbar that says "Drop files here"


The image title will be listed.

Click the  link under the image title that says "Click here to upload this file".


  • Once the image has been uploaded the title background will turn green with a green check mark.
  • The image is now available for use under the ETB Image 002.png image button.


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