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Help:RichText editor - Bold, italic, and underline

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Bold toolbar

These three basic font styles are frequently used in both print and online documents. Due to their popularity each one of them is available under a separate toolbar button. To turn the style on, press the button or use the respective keyboard shortcut. To turn it off, use the button or a keyboard shortcut again.

The bold, italics, underline styles can be applied to the whole document, a paragraph, or a text fragment of arbitrary length — even a single letter. Do note, however, that for aesthetic and readability reasons it is recommended not to combine too many different formatting styles in one document.


To write in bold (i.e. using thicker letters), press the Bold button toolbar button or use the Ctrl+B keyboard shortcut.


To write in italics (i.e. using slanted letters), press the Italic button toolbar button or use the Ctrl+I keyboard shortcut.


To underline the text (i.e. draw a horizontal line underneath the letters), press the Underline button toolbar button or use the Ctrl+U keyboard shortcut. Remember that the underline style will also be applied to all white space of the selected fragment.