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Help:How to add page champion profiles

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SPE thanks the dedicated volunteers who are currently contributing their time to making PetroWiki a technically sound and valuable resource by offering each page champion the availablility to list his or her name and professional profile on each page they champion. 

This page was created to guide page champions in adding their profiles to PetroWiki.

Champions' page

Go to the Champions' page

Items listed

Your Name
  • Your name (Required)
  • Your title (Optional)
  • Link to your professional profile (Optional)
Your organization
  • Your organization (Optional)
  • Link to your organization (Optional)

Submit your information

Contact petrowiki(at) to

  • Update information
  • Add information
  • Delete information

Moderated pages

Log in to PetroWiki

Go to the page(s) you moderate

Email petrowiki(at) for a list.

Scroll down to the Page champions heading click “[edit]”.

Note: If it is not listed add the heading "Page champion" just before the "Category" heading.

Click here for a detailed description

Page champion heading

Type in your name as you want it displayed.

First Last
Dr. First Last
Dr. Last
First Last P.E.

Write your name as you want it displayed

Highlight your name and click the add URL link.

Click here for a detailed description.

Highlight your name

Replace the contents of the box

Most likely your name is displayed in the box. Replace the contents with your LinkedIn (e.g. and click the OK button.

Insert the link and click OK

Your name should now be underlined and blue to signify it is an active URL.

You name as an active URL


Complete the three acknowledgement statements by reading and checking each box.

Click the "Save page" button.

Check the boxes and click save 

Your name is now displayed on the page.

Click on your name to verify the link opens and goes to the correct place before leaving the page.

Your name is displayed