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Fractional flow evaluation

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To predict the fractional flow from a given zone in a wellbore, the absolute and relative permeability of the rock types open to flow in the wellbore must be characterized.

Function vs. fluid

Determining the complete relative permeability function vs. fluid saturations measured on cores maintained at reservoir conditions of temperature, pressure, and the use of live reservoir crude is a daunting task. Most reservoirs never have these measurements performed on them. Usually, we take small snippets of these curves and attempt to characterize their entire response with various models. Proof of success is often taken to be a successful history match; others prefer to look for agreement between future predictions and future performance.

Regardless of our ability to measure these parameters in the laboratory, the scaleup to a heterogeneous, faulted reservoir is a challenge of immense proportions. These subjects are further covered in the articles on reservoir simulation as well as relative permeability and capillary pressure.

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