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Economics symbols in alphabetical order

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Letter Symbol Quantity Dimensions
C capital (costs) or investments M
D depletion, depreciation, or amortization (all nonreal account entries)
E expense, total (except income taxes) M
i interest rate 1/t
I income (net revenue minus expenses) M
n number of compounding periods 1/t
p price M
P profit M
r royalty various
R revenue M
t time t
T tax on income various
v value (economic) M
ar after royalty
at after taxes
br before royalty
bt before taxes
f future
k specific period
p present
po payout
pv present value
R rate
u unit
t total

*Whether real or nominal moneys are being discussed must be indicated either through the use of a prime () to indicate real figures or by clarifying in the text of the publication whether real or nominal amounts are being used.


Ck capital investment in Period k
Cpv investment at present value
Eu expenses per unit
iR rate of return (earning power)
Ibt income before taxes
Ipvk income at present value in Period k
pgk price of gas in Period k
pk price in Period k
Ppvat profit at present value after tax
Pvatk profit at present value after tax in Period k
rR royalty rate
tpoat payout time, after tax
tpvpobt payout time before tax at present value
Tk tax in Period k
TR tax rate
Vp net present value (NPV)
Vpoat payout volume, after tax