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The Burgan field is an oil field situated in the desert of southeastern Kuwait. Burgan field can also refer to the Greater Burgan—a group of three closely spaced fields, which includes Burgan field itself as well as the much smaller Magwa and Ahmadi fields. Greater Burgan is the world's largest sandstone oil field, and the second largest overall, after Ghawar.

The Greater Burgan field includes two smaller fields the Magwa and the Ahmadi.


Kuwait Oil Company



Start of production



Middle East






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Kuwait City 1996

Production and reserves

(Millions of barrels)


  • Current production of oil: 1,200,000 barrels per day (~6.0×107 t/a)
  • Current production of gas: 550×106 cu ft/d (16×106 m3/d)
  • Peak of production (oil): 2,410,000 barrels per day (~1.20×108 t/a)[1]
  • Estimated oil in place: 44,000 million barrels (~6.0×109 t)
  • Producing formations: Upper Cretaceous Wara


Fourth most productive oilfield worldwide


Chief Executive of the Kuwait Oil Company reported that Burgan produced half of Kuwait’s oil.


Production capacity: 1,700,000 barrels per day (270,000 m3/d)


Iraqi soldiers set the Burgan Field on fire as they retreated during the Iraq war. Smoke plumes from the Greater Burgan oil field extended 50 kilometers in width on any given day, and 2.5 km thick. A total of 297 well fires were extinguished.


  • Production: 550.0E
  • Cumulative: 14,840E
  • Reserves: 57,160
  • Total recovery: 72,000


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