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Application of risk and decision analysis

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Managers and engineers alike are concerned about the bottom-line indexes net present value (NPV) and return on investment (ROI) and use these measures to aid in their decision-making, but they also worry about capital requirements and, in our business, reserves. NPV and ROI are the result of a complex interrelationship of the following:

  • capital investment
  • production, prices
  • operating expenses
  • schedule
  • fiscal terms
  • domestic taxes

Of course it is the uncertainty in these estimates that makes the “solution” of these problems and making a decision, based on the prediction, so interesting. It is also that uncertainty that makes these considerations ideal candidates for using risk analysis methods.

Several specific applications of Monte Carlo simulation include the following:

Some of the issues that must be addressed are:

  • choice of input distribution type
  • handling rare events, discrete vs. continuous variables
  • correlation among inputs
  • sensitivity analysis.

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