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  • <div style="text-align:center">[[File:Scribbles the pencil computer typing 400 clr 20067.png|frameless|145x145px]] <span style="font-size:26px; ">Edit The Wiki</span><br><span style="color:#0051c4;">[[Help:Editing a page|Learn More]]</
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  • ...tion available through PetroWiki are too great to rely on “crowd-sourcing” to catch errors. ==Why SPE chose to moderate PetroWiki==
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  • ...the slideshow covering the [ editing overview]. #Click the '''Edit''' link.
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  • ...neers [ (SPE)] or registered with PetroWiki to contribute, but getting set up is easy either way. == How to get started ==
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  • ...t or another page with the same name already exists. ""Example:"" You want to start a page on Oil and Gas facilities; it is recommended that before a new ...ox]]<br/><br/>2. Decide on a name for the new page (keep it descriptive of the content so it can be found) See [[Help:Page_names]]
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  • .... They also serve as a transfer of copyright for the contributed material to SPE. ...age, it is important to make certain that you have given due consideration to each issue. SPE records your acknowledgements in case questions arise late
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  • |title=PetroWiki – an E&P Industry wiki – Oil&Gas .... This wiki allows SPE’s membership to update and expand E&P content from the published handbook.
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  • ...ely by SPE members, to facilitate knowledge that supports the community of the upstream oil and gas industry.</div><div><br/></div><div>'''Page Champion/M ...couple of people look at content before it is fully incorporated into the wiki.
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  • Five pillars] and [ What Wikipedia is not]. to PetroWiki is that the page constraints of a printed book don’t limit the amount of valuable reference material that can be included.
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  • ...ur success could allow other students the opportunity to edit PetroWiki in the future. ...students, academics, and professionals access to current information about the ever-growing oil and gas industry.
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  • ...nd use of PetroWiki. If this FAQ doesn't answer your question, please use the search. removed. Once the text is pasted the formatting can be added back into the topic page.
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  • ...e your friend when editing. You can have help pages open in one window and the page you are editing in another so you can easily move back and forth. *[ Contribute what you know is right]
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  • ...grow and develop the wiki or add content to a specific topic or subject in the oil and gas industry.&nbsp; With a WikiProject, you can: #Bring groups of people together to work on a project
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  • ...ou become more familiar with basic wikitext nomenclature you may only need to reference [[Help:Contents|Help]] for advanced functions. ...t You Get) editor. Instead PetroWiki will insert visual wikitext to render the desired formatting. For more information see also: [[Help:RichText_editor_-
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