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==Noteworthy papers in OnePetro==
Use this section Anderson, D.N. 1972. Geothermal Development in California. Presented at the SPE California Regional Meeting, 8-10 November, Bakersfield, California, USA.SPE-4180-MS.  Bayliss, B.P. Introduction to Geothermal Energy. 1972. Presented at the SPE California Regional Meeting, Bakersfield, California, USA, 8-10 November. SPE-4176-MS. Bodvarsson, S., Pruess, K., O’Sullivan, M.J. 1985. Injection and Energy Recovery in Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs. SPE-11689-PA. SPE J. 25 (02): 303 – 312.  Budd, C.F. Geothermal Energy for Electrical Generation. 1984. J Pet Technol 36 (02). SPE-12885-PA.  Cubric, S. 1977. Recovery Of Geothermal Energy From Oil Reservoir Aquifers. SPE-6976-MS.  Detournay, C., Hobbs, B. Numerical Simulations of Convection Cells in Sedimentary Basins with Application to list papers Geothermal Energy. 2014. Presented at the 48th U.S. Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1-4 June, USA. ARMA-2014-7226.  Dorfman, M.H. 1982. The Outlook for Geopressured/Geothermal Energy and Associated Natural Gas. J Pet Technol 34 (09): 1,915 - 1,919. SPE-11250-PA.  Hirakawa, S. 1982. Geothermal Field Development System. Offshore South East Asia Show, Singapore, 9-12 February. SPE-10432-MS. Hunsbedt, A., Kruger, P., London, A.L. 1977. Recovery of Energy From Fracture-Stimulated Geothermal Reservoirs. J Pet Technol 29 (08): 940 – 946. SPE-5875-PA.  Lande, D.P. 1975. Geothermal Energy in OnePetro that California. Presented at the SPE California Regional Meeting, Ventura, California, USA, 2-4 April. SPE-5390-MS.  Lichti, K.A., Ko, M., Julian, R., et al. 2013. The Application of Risk Based Assessment to Geothermal Energy Plant. Presented at CORROSION 2013, 17-21 March, Orlando, Florida, USA. NACE-2013-2438.  Murphy, H.D., Lawton, R.G., Tester, J.W., et al. 1977. Preliminary Assessment of a reader who wants to learn more should definitely readGeothermal Energy Reservoir Formed by Hydraulic Fracturing. SPE J. 17 (04): 317 – 326. SPE-6093-PA. Polsky, Y., Blankenship, D., Mansure, A.J., et al. 2009. Enhanced Geothermal Systems Well Construction Technology Evaluation. Presented at the SEG Annual Meeting, Houston, 25-30 October. SEG-2009-4331.  Prentice, J.K. 2009. Introduction And Geothermal Overview. Presented at the SEG Annual Meeting, Houston, 25-30 October. SEG-2009-4316.  Reinicke, K.M., Oppelt, J., Ostermeyer, G.-P., et al. 2010. Enhanced Technology Transfer for Geothermal Exploitation Through a New Research Concept: The Geothermal Energy and High-Performance Drilling Research Program: Gebo. Presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Florence, Italy, 19-22 September. SPE-134436-MS.  Stolz, N. 2010. New Precompetitive Data For Uranium And Geothermal Energy Exploration In Australia. Presented at the SEG Annual Meeting, Denver, 17-22 October. SEG-2010-1112.  Thomas, L.K., Pierson, R.G. 1978. Three-Dimensional Geothermal Reservoir Simulation. SPE J. 18 (02): 151 – 161. SPE-6104-PA.  Toralde, J.S.S. 2014. Offshore Geothermal Energy Utilisation: An Idea Whose Time Has Come? Presented at the Offshore Technology Conference-Asia, 25-28 March, Kuala Lumpur. OTC-25071-MS.  Ullah, S.Z., R.S.B., Syed. 2008. Geothermal Reservoirs: A Renewable Source of Energy and an Extension of Petroleum Engineering. Presented at the CIPC/SPE Gas Technology Symposium 2008 Joint Conference, Calgary,16-19 June. SPE-114718-MS.
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