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PetroWiki was developed by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) as a vehicle for knowledge capture and sharing. The initial content for PetroWiki was SPE’s seven-volume Petroleum Engineering Handbook (PEH), published in 2006-2007.

Spring 2013

SPE has been in the final stages of launching an exciting new project that we anticipate will provide long-term benefits for the upstream oil and gas industry. The project is PetroWiki, a knowledge capture and transfer wiki that we have been populating initially with content from the Petroleum Engineering Handbook. To protect SPE’s technical reputation, content additions to PetroWiki will be moderated through a process analogous to the peer review process for our journals. Things to expect in the coming months:

  • Recruiting moderators
  • New platform (Look and Feel)
  • Upload remaining content from the PEH

September 2013

New look

The new look and feel has been created for PetroWiki. The layout and color theme adds a bright crisp professional look to the new site.


The remaining content from the PEH has been uploaded. The upload went as smoothly without any glitches and only took a few hours to complete.


The PetroWiki manager is continuing to recruit moderators with expertise in the PetroWiki topics. As of this writing the PetroWiki now has over 200 experts moderating PetroWiki pages.

ATCE 2013

We’re busily working to add the remaining Petroleum Engineering Handbook (PEH) content to PetroWiki before the Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (ATCE) in September. PetroWiki already has nearly 1000 visitors/day and activity has been growing. We’re looking forward to having a fully functional, content-rich wiki at ATCE.

Fall 2012

We started in late 2012 with a pilot project in the area of drilling and completions and are expanding it to include the remaining areas covered in the handbook.


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