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Content of PetroWiki is intended for personal use only and to supplement, not replace, engineering judgment. SPE disclaims any and all liability for your use of such content. More information


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PetroWiki is copyrighted by the Society of Petroleum Engineers. It is not licensed for reuse like Wikipedia. If you want to reuse material from PetroWiki, you must be certain to use appropriate citation and obtain permissions where needed.

In most cases, providing a link to the appropriate page in PetroWiki is an excellent alternative to obtaining permission for reuse. There are times, however, when permission may be needed. The following guidance should help you obtain the necessary permission.

Things that do not require permission

The following activities do not require SPE permission.

  • Referencing PetroWiki as a source in a paper using a permanent link (see PetroWiki:Citation)
  • Linking to any page on PetroWiki from any intranet, extranet, or Internet website
  • Sending a link to any PetroWiki page in an email
  • Using a short excerpt of text from PetroWiki in a paper or article with appropriate citation (consistent with how you would quote and cite a printed source) See PetroWiki:Citation
  • Reuse of any content on PetroWiki's Help pages

Reuse of materials from pages beginning with PEH:

Because these pages are verbatim from the print version of the Petroleum Engineering Handbook, the permissions applicable to the printed volume apply. You may obtain permission for reuse of this content at Use the ISBN for the volume to get to the appropriate permissions page.

Volume 1 978-1-55563-108-6
Volume 2 978-1-55563-114-7
Volume 3 978-1-55563-116-1
Volume 4 978-1-55563-118-5
Volume 5 978-1-55563-120-8
Volume 6 978-1-55563-122-2
Volume 7 978-1-55563-124-6

Reuse for educational purposes

Because content on PetroWiki changes regularly, it is recommended that students be given a link to the website pages. If a printed copy of an article is needed for a course pack, permission can be obtained through The ISBN for PetroWiki is 978-1-61399-273-9.

Reuse of figures, tables or graphics

First, verify that SPE is the copyright holder of the materials you want to use. If it is not SPE copyright, this will be indicated and you will need to contact the original source for permission. SPE's permission to use the material in PetroWiki does not extend to any reuse you want to make of it.

If the table or figure is identified as being from a specific SPE paper, the easiest way to obtain permission for reuse is to go to OnePetro and search for that paper number. Once you find the paper, click the Rights and Permissions link. That will take you to the Copyright Clearance Center's Rightslink system where you can request the permissions needed.

If the table or figure is identified as being from a specific SPE book, you may obtain permission for reuse of this content at Use the ISBN or the title to get to the appropriate permissions page.

Reuse of text for non-educational purposes

Linking to PetroWiki is always preferable to reuse of text. Re-publication of text from PetroWiki,except for the excerpt with citation exemption above, requires permission. Permission can be obtained through The ISBN for PetroWiki is 978-1-61399-273-9.

Any text that is used should be from an "approved" version of a page. [To ensure that you are seeing the latest approved version of a page, do not log in.] It must not be used in a way that implies SPE or PetroWiki endorsement of products or services.

You may not use the PetroWiki or SPE logo without permission from SPE that must be specific to the intended use. Such permission would be granted very infrequently. To request permission for use of the logo, contact

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