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Help:Edit toolbar

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Opening the visual editor

To edit a page using the visual editor, press on the "Edit" tab at the top of the page. Pressing the "Edit source" tab will open the classic wikitext source editor which is for users who are familiar with wikitext coding.

Editor toolbar

You can also select the "edit" link within the wiki article.

Edit link within the article



To undo a change or redo a change you can utilize the arrows on the editor tool

Undo and redo buttons

Formatting paragraphs and headings:

A drop-down menu allows you to change how the paragraph is formatted. To change the style of a paragraph, put your cursor in the paragraph and select an item in this menu (it is not necessary to highlight any text). Section titles are formatted "Heading", and subsections are "Sub-heading 1", "Sub-heading 2", and so on. The normal format for text is "Paragraph".

Paragraph formatting dropdown menu

Text formatting:

Pressing the "A" opens the text editor menu.

  • The "Bold" item (B) bolds the selected text.
  • The "Italic" item (I) italicizes the selected text.
  • The "Superscript" item (x2) causes the selected text to appear smaller than surrounding text and to be slightly higher than the surrounding text.
  • The "Subscript" item (x2) causes the selected text to appear smaller than surrounding text and to be slightly lower than the surrounding text.
  • The "Strikethrough" item (S) adds a solid bar through the selected text.
  • The "Computer code" item (a set of curly brackets: {}) changes the font of the selected text to a monospaced font, which sets it apart from surrounding (proportionally spaced) text.
  • The "Underline" item (U) adds a solid line beneath the selected text.
  • The "Language" item (文A) allows you to label the language (for example, Japanese) and direction (for example, right-to-left) of the selected text.
  • The final item (), called "Remove", removes all character formatting from the selected text, including links.

If you have not selected any text, then when you press the "A" to open the menu, and then select an item, that formatting will apply to the text that you start typing, from wherever your cursor is located.

Text editor menu

Linking tool:

The chain icon is the linking tool.

Link tool

Pressing on it after selecting text opens the link dialogue. You can then paste your link into the box and save. This can link other wiki pages or an external link which you can select within the pop up.

Pop up window after selecting the link tool