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| style="width: 95px" | Wed, Sep 12<br/>
| style="width: 95px" | Wed, Sep 12<br/>
| style="width: 147px" | Cybersecurity panel<br/>
| style="width: 147px" |  
Cybersecurity panel
([ register here])
| style="width: 255px" | '''Mario Chiock''', moderator<br/>'''Gary Scheibe''' (Shell Security Mgr)<br/>'''Lisa Angelo''' (Legal)<br/>'''Paul Brager''' (BHGE Product Security Lead)<br/>
| style="width: 255px" | '''Mario Chiock''', moderator<br/>'''Gary Scheibe''' (Shell Security Mgr)<br/>'''Lisa Angelo''' (Legal)<br/>'''Paul Brager''' (BHGE Product Security Lead)<br/>
| style="width: 80px" | Aramco Services Co., 1 Allen Ctr., 500 Dallas St., Houston<br/>
| style="width: 80px" | Aramco Services Co., 1 Allen Ctr., 500 Dallas St., Houston<br/>

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Digital transformation

The SPE-GCS Digital Transformation Study Group (DTSG) was formally launched on 29 March 2018 after approval by the SPE Gulf Coast Section (SPE-GCS) and adoption of its mission (below). It held its first lunch-and-lean session on 3 May 2018, the last day of OTC.

The SPE-GCS DTSG acknowledges the support of two platinum sponsors: Intel and SAP Americas.

DTSG Charter

The SPE-GCS Digital Transformation Study Group adopted the following charter:

  • Drive the adoption of IoT, big data, machine learning, and cybersecurity technologies (and others) to enable data driven decision making, increasing industry efficiency through the fusion of operations and information technologies (OT/IT).
  • Share carefully researched and qualified use cases that will help all industry players adopt best practices to connect, manage and extract value from data –achieving improvements in terms of cost reductions, increased safety, added value generation, greater operational efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.
  • Guide the industry toward understanding, leveraging, and protecting data as a critical enterprise asset.


How to Join

  • Go to SPE-GCS section via the SPE website
  • Click on your name at the top right of the page (grey on black, just to the left of Logout)
  • On your profile page, click on the gearbox icon (settings) next to the “Groups” heading
  • Add “SPE-GCS Digital Transformation” to your list of groups and remember to save!


The Study Group organizes lunch-and-learn sessions on various digital transformation-related topics. These sessions occur approximately ten times a year, and are usually around lunch time on Tuesdays, hosted by a sponsor in the Houston area.

To sponsor a session, suggest a topic, etc., please contact the event coordinator listed in the Steering Committee table below.


Thu., Mar. 29, 2018 Study Group Kick Off Meeting
Thu., May 3, 2018 Blockchain in Oil & Gas Rebecca Hofmann (Equinor)
Claude Baudoin (cébé) PowerPoint
Jean-Pierre Foehn (Ondiflo)
Panel discussion.
Thu., May 31, 2018 Sucker Rod Pump Edge Analytics Implementation Louis Desroches (IoT Solution Manager, Intel) PDF
Tue., Jun. 19, 2018
Study Group Panel on Digital Transformation/Innovation Mario Chiock (Schlumberger Fellow), Alex De Sousa (IT Manager, Equinor), Giewee Hammond (Lead Data Scientist, Aramco Services)
Tue., Jul. 10, 2018 Making Actionable Information and Automated Decisions from Real Time Drilling Data Mark Anderson (Manager of Drilling Mechanics Technologies, Shell)
Thu., Aug. 16, 2018
Journey to the Cloud Alex de Sousa (Equinor)
Pat Beahan (ConocoPhillips)
Chetan Desai (Schlumberger)


Wed, Sep 12

Cybersecurity panel

(register here)

Mario Chiock, moderator
Gary Scheibe (Shell Security Mgr)
Lisa Angelo (Legal)
Paul Brager (BHGE Product Security Lead)
Aramco Services Co., 1 Allen Ctr., 500 Dallas St., Houston
Tue, Oct. 9 Communications for IoT (SpaceX, 5G, LoRa…)
Louis Desroches (Intel)
Jameson Buffmire (Orange)
Masoud Sajadieh (Intel)
and to be confirmed:
Albert Behr (Behr Technologies
Andre De La Torre (Vodafone)
Equinor, 2107 City West Blvd., Houston
Tue, Nov. 13 Technology Watch: IIC, OpenFog, IoT Centers of Excellence, and more Led by Claude Baudoin (cébé IT & Knowledge Management)
Others t.b.d.
Tue, Jan. 8 Diversity and Inclusion Culture Cari Dumais (Equinor)
Hari Iyer (Industry Avenue)
Sonia Hernandez-Cordon (Equinor)
Tue, Feb. 12
New Ways of Working Stephen Taylor (Devon)
Dennis Creech (Hess)
Jarle Husebø (Equinor)
Tue, Mar. 12

Tue, Apr. 9

Thu., May 2 (because of OTC)
Full-day event

Westin Houston at Memorial City
Tue., Jun. 11

Tue., July 9

Current Steering Committee Members

Steering Commitee Position
Philippe Flichy
Energy Embassy
Vice Chair
Jim Claunch
Hari Iyer
Industry Avenue
Vice Secretary
Juan Felipe Arjona
Andrew Nobbay
Marketing & Publicity
Mario Chiock
Executive Advisor
Zafar Kamal
Cari Dumais
Program Coordination
Claude Baudoin
cébé IT & Knowledge Management
Anh Dang
Executive Advisor Technology Louis Desroches Intel

Alex Hendren
Membership & Media Presence
Giewee Hammond
Aramco Services