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===Sucker Rod Stabilizers===
In 2020, [ Black Mamba Rod Lift] introduced a '''sucker rod stabilization device''' called [ The Black Mamba] which doubles as a centralizer and rod guide. This single fin, helical wrap design extends nearly 36" in length and constantly reinforces the sucker rod to the center of the tubing, preventing axial deflection. This is especially useful in compressive moments where bending and flexing of the long slender column (the sucker rod), causes excessive tensile stresses during buckling, leading to rod parts. Their design features more direct rod bonding than any other guide in industry. Further, the large fin bearing surface area and erodible wear volume lead the industry. Mixed with thermosets as material choice, the helical stabilizer is empirically the longest lasting product on the market for sucker rod protection. As a single-fin design, the fluid flow area is astronomically more than any other sucker rod guide or coupling size, truly not inhibiting the flow of production fluids. Lastly, the singular fin design drastically lowers the Area Moment of Inertia (AMOI - geometrical stiffness), allowing for high wear resistant materials to be used yet the profile allows for unmatched flexibility in the product.
==Fluid Flow Analysis==
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