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<p><span class="fck_mw_template">{{Infobox BookfckLRBook|series = Petroleum Engineering HandbookfckLRHandbook|editor-in-chief = Larry W. LakefckLRLake|volume = Volume III – Facilities and Construction EngineeringfckLREngineering|vol editor = Kenneth E. Arnold, EditorfckLREditor|date = 2006fckLR2006|publisher = Society of Petroleum EngineersfckLREngineers|image = [[File:Vol3FCECover.png|center|120px]]fckLR|imagestyle = fckLR|chapter = Chapter 13 – Oil StoragefckLRStorage|ch author = George H. Stilt, CB&amp;IfckLRI|ch author info = fckLR|page numbers = 505-523fckLR523|ISBN = 978-1-55563-118-5fckLR5}}</span></p>
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