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Operations Excellence

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Operations Excellence (OE) is a term that was coined to express the state or excellence in the operation and maintenance of an asset. Clearly this can only exist once that asset has been created and completed to a state from which 'excellence' can be maintained.

It has been confused with the discipline of Operations Readiness, the express purpose of which is to develop an asset under construction such that at the point of handover to the asset operator, it is capable of achieveing Operations Excellence.

This obviously goes hand in hand with the establishment of Technical integrity during the Project phases (upto EXECUTE) and the subsequent maintenance of that Technical Integrity in the OPERATE phase.

Development of Technical Integrity in Projects.png

The Operations Excellence (OE) process is a CYCLICAL process (as opposed the the LINEAR process of Operations Readiness) where the state of excellence is maintained by ensuring that the operation and maintenance of the asset is performed in an 'excellent' manner.

This is illustrated in an early version of an Operations Excellence Standard from one of the major Oil & Gas E&P companies, as reproduced below:

Typical Operations Excellence (OE) CYCLICAL process.png