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Help:RichText editor - Edit toolbar

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Rich text supports text formatting, such as bolditalics, and underlining, as well as different fonts, font sizes, and colored text. Rich text documents can also include page formatting options, such as numbered lists, page margins, line spacing, and tab widths. In compatible browsers, the edit toolbar will be automatically displayed for approved editors. The toolbar works best with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, but can also be utilized in Internet Explorer, Konqueror, and Opera. See also the basic wikitext editor WikiText toolbar.

Editor toolbar

When starting any new edit give time for the new editor to load.

The edit screen will intialize with the wikitext editor then refresh to the richtext editor. 

Top row

  1. Paste text RichText editor - Paste text
  2. Find and replace RichText editor - Find and replace
  3. Select all and remove format Select all and remove format
  4. Subscript and superscript Subscript and superscript
  5. Links, Covert text to link, and Unlink Links, Covert text to link, and Unlink
  6. Undo and redo Undo and redo
  7. Images Images
  8. Table and insert horizonal line Table and insert horizonal line
  9. Insert Special Character Insert special characters and texts
  10. Special texts Special texts
  11. Special tags Special tags
  12. MediaWiki templates MediaWiki templates
  13. Signature Signature
  14. Create new category Creat a new category
  15. Add a reference and add a reference block Add a reference and add a reference block
  16. About CKEditor About CKEditor

Bottom row

  1. Styles Font styles
  2. Heading Font format
  3. Font types Font types
  4. Font sizes Font size
  5. Bold, italic, and underline Font formatting
  6. Strikeout and caps Font formatting
  7. Alignment Font alignment
  8. Numbered lists and bulleted lists Text lists
  9. Indent Text indent
  10. Quotes Text quote
  11. Font color Font color
  12. Full page edit mode and show blocks Maximize window Show blocks

Other guides

  1. Magic line Magicline 01.png

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