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The PetroWiki is moderated by at least two experts (Page Champions) in the subject matter to insure the content is technically sound. When a topic page has been edited it moves from an approved status to a modified status until the edit has been reviewed and approved (or rejected) by the assigned page champions. Note: Only moderated pages have the approved or modified status. The user must be logged in to see the Approved/Modified notification.


  • A PetroWiki page has an approved status until it has been edited.


  • Once a page has been edited an alert is sent to the assigned page champions.
  • During this time the page is in a modified status.


  • As a demonstration we changed the first sentence to read "The PetroWiki was developed by the Society of Petroleum Engineers" instead of "PetroWiki was developed by the Society of Petroleum Engineers"
  • The only change visible is the Approved status to Modified status.
  • The word addition is not visible until the page champions approve the change.
  • Here is the page champion's view. They are able to compare the original text with the modified version.


  • When editing a modified page it is important to note the edit alert.
  • Any edits not visible by default are now visible in the edit screen.
  • This may become important to your original idea(s) for editing.
  • Your edits will be sent to moderation and will not be shown until moderation is complete.
  • Page champions will view edits in the order they are received.

Editing alert

Rejecting edits

Page champions are authorized to accept or reject edits. If a page champion rejects an edit the page will revert back to an approved status without any changes being made. See also: Deleted content